The Habit Of Hand Hygiene

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The Habit Of Hand Hygiene

The Orbel™, conceived of and patented by Dyson Award winning inventor Adam Sutcliffe, within the accelerator programme run by Imperial College and the Royal College of Art London was highlighted as ‘the next big thing’ by James Dyson.


Designed for the most natural of hand movements

Many organisations promote a mandated regime for hand hygiene, for example the “5 Moments for Hand Hygiene”, promoted by the World Health Organisation, which is a model for many healthcare hand hygiene policies around the world.

It clips onto the belt or pocket, convenient for the user.

The Orbel™ is always there always available next to the user’s hand; the movement to obtain the gel is second nature, and hand sanitisation can be completed with unrivalled reliability and speed


It deposits gel through a set of roller balls

The user simply swipes one hand across the unit to obtain sufficient gel, and rubs both hands together to distribute the gel evenly.


The Orbel™ is supplied with high quality, highly effective, alcohol-based sanitiser gel.


Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”)

All rights to the Orbel™ are owned by Orbel Health Limited

Orbel will vigorously prosecute misuse or infringements of its intellectual property. Use thereof is permitted only by License, in writing.

How to use the Orbel™

Step 1

Remove the plastic cover and fasten the Orbel™ to your waistband or another secure point of attachment. The Orbel™ must have a firm base, such as the upper leg or thigh, to allow pressure to be applied to the face of the applicator.


Step 2

Roll your whole hand down the Orbel™, from the tips of your fingers to the ball of your palm, applying firm pressure. Repeat as necessary to dispense sufficient gel for Step 3.


Step 3

Rub your hands together, taking care to spread the gel across all parts of both hands, including between the fingers and around the thumb. Hand-hygiene experts recommend the hands should feel wet for 15 seconds for effective hand hygiene.


Further Steps

Replace the plastic cover when not in use.
Observe the “Best Before” dates on the packaging.
Note the warnings printed on the back of the Orbel™.
FLAMMABLE: Keep away from fire or flame.
Store below 25ºC.


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