hand sanitizer
for healthcare

Kills 99.9%
of Bacteria

How to Orbel®


Rub one hand against the rollerballs until you have the perfect amount


Thoroughly rub your hands together as you are used to when using wall units


In about 20 seconds, your hands are dry and you’re ready to go

Ready? Set... Orbel!

What is Orbel®

the Habit of
Hand Hygiene

Orbel’s unique design
enables it to become an
extension of your hand,
capable of delivering a
99.99% kill rate within 15
seconds of application1

Why Orbel®

Increase Compliance & Decrease
Hospital Acquired Infections(HAIs)

In American hospitals alone,
the Centers for Disease Control(CDC)
estimates that HAIs account for

1.7 million infections

and 99,000 associated deaths each year.

Using a single-hand activated device,
such as the Orbel®, has been shown to
decrease HAI rates up to 40%
beyond the impact from using
only wall mounted units2.

What’s in it for Everyone


  • Increase Joint Commission and infection control compliance rates
  • Cost-efficient add-on or replacement for wall mounted sanitizers, no maintenance required
  • ROI: A 200 bed hospital will see a savings of $39,650 for every 1% increase in hand hygiene compliance3


  • Easy to use
  • Supports compliance with the WHO’s “5 Moments” protocols
  • Improves focus on medical tasks, and integrates into existing workflow
  • Stay healthy! Reduce risk of HAIs


  • Safety and less risk of HAIs
  • Reduces average time of hospital stays and associated costs

Orbel® is NOT Limited to Healthcare

Decrease Outbreak Risks
in other Essential Services

Retail & Supermarkets
Restaurant & Café
Social Work

Security Guards
Food Processing

Logistics & Couriers
Aged Care
Education & Child Care

Adopting Orbel

  • Demonstrates to the public a commitment
    to corporate responsibility
  • Promotes safer customer-employee interactions
    without reducing productivity
  • Reduces sick leave and absenteeism


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Material Safety Data Sheet

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1. Koff et al. 2009; Koff et al. 2011
2. Shintre et al. 2006; Shintre et al. 2007; Zylast XP
3. Cummings et al. 2010

Material Safety Data Sheet

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